We started this just with a GoPro and it has grown into a passion of ours.  We have grown from the first time we picked up a camera in Brazil.  We share our memories here with the ups and downs.  We started with 0 subscribers and now we have almost 500,000 subscribers.  

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We are also on Instagram where we share a little bit more of our emotions/thoughts through photos.  We also post some of our favorite nature shots.  We share 'stories' on here as well such as photos we take of where we are, etc.



We are also on Patreon where we share more 'deeper' issues.  We started this page about 2 years ago and are very thankful to have over 600 patrons.  This is also a way to support our work and you can donate whatever is best for you.  We also have monthly Zoom chats with all our patrons which is a big highlight for us.  We call them our 'Steps Family' because the relationship goes a bit deeper with this social media page.

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