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Mom, dad, Bernardo and I at Multnomah Falls in Oregon when they came to visit us.


"I was in EDC with a lot happiness, which is so ecstatic, cheerful and crazy. And meet one of my fav DJs Brennan Heart in the lift. That’s a wonderful moment. "


"Glen and i traveled to lake Tahoe around 2 years ago.   We drove from San Francisco up to Sacramento, on to Lake Tahoe and then down through Yosemite and Death Valley to Vegas. One of my favourite drive trips ever, stunning!"


"Me and my two 3 year old granddaughters decorating Christmas cookies.  ..more icing on them than on the cookies.  I love having them and the mess in my kitchen."


"The picture attached here is we diving near Meeru holding hands with each other. I like it because at that moment, we could not speak or hear the voice, but we knew that we are always together to face the upcoming life."

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