Our love story...

We ​are 2 foreigners traveling, living life, and making memories together.  We met in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, in 2016 and have been together ever since.  We met at a French coffee shop in Brasilia for a cup of coffee and it turned out to be the best coffee ever, we are now married.  ​

Bernardo is from Belo Horizonte, a midsize town of Brazil. He is graduated in Business and already had the opportunity to live in the US for a few months, years ago. He moved to Brasília to work for the Federal Government of his country but has found in traveling and vlogging a new passion and a great way to exercise his creativity.

Adam is from a small town in Florida, USA.  He has volunteered teaching English in a small city in Honduras where he found his passion for traveling, teaching, and cultures.  He sold everything and had $2,000 dollars in his pocket and decided to backpack Brazil to learn more about their culture and language, he fell in love with Brazil and has been in Brazil for over five years now.  He has a degree in Musical Theatre from AMDA and a degree in Communications.


We enjoy making simple memories together.  If that means spending a weekend at a wonderful or just staying at home cooking dinner and watching a movie.  We believe that we will remember the memories we made together over a gift we bought each other.

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