It all started with a GoPro3 camera and Adam's fascination with documenting memories. Bernardo was camera shy when we first met.
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On our home page, we share with more about who we are and how our love story unfolds.   It all started with Adam's decision to backpack to Brazil, after 3 years of living there he was ready to go back to the states until a few likes on Instagram from Bernardo, which lead to Adam sliding into Bernardo's DMs.  We have enjoyed filming our memories that we've shared together from our early days of living in Brazil, which you will see below.


To learn more about us from the start, we've included our YouTube videos which highlight our most important and special memories we've shared together thus far.  There are many other memories in between but these are just the ones that highlight important events.   If you are like Adam, more of a visual learner, we thought this would be helpful.  Enjoy!